Cambridge Ellis Unit Seminar Series - Prof. Mark Girolami- 30 July 2021- 4pm

The Cambridge ELLIS Unit has started a Seminar Series that will include talks by leading researchers in the area of machine learning and AI. Our first speaker will be Prof. Mark Girolami. You can find the talk details and abstract below.
Please note that we require all attendees to have valid Zoom accounts to join.
Time: Friday 30 July 2021- 4pm 
Meeting ID: 812 0340 1046
Passcode: 536163
Title: “Machine Learning and Finite Elements’”
Abstract: The finite element method (FEM) is one of the great triumphs of applied mathematics, numerical analysis and software development. Recent developments in sensor and signalling technologies enable the phenomenological study of systems. The connection between sensor data and FEM is restricted to solving inverse problems placing unwarranted faith in the fidelity of the mathematical description of the system. If one concedes mis-specification between generative reality and the FEM then a framework to systematically characterise this uncertainty is required. This talk will present a statistical construction of the FEM which systematically blends mathematical description with observations.
Please see the video from the talk below:
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